Cleaning and Relocation – Cleaning of the apartment after moving

After moving to the old and new apartment must to be cleaned thoroughly. Here are some tips to help with the cleaning. After moving, the previous residence is transferred in a clean condition. Different interpretations of the little word “clean”, often lead to disputes between tenants and property owners.

Of course, no one wants to move into a dirty house. Similarly, a property owner expects all unpleasant residual traces of the previous tenant to be removed, to be ensure that someone really feeling good there. Here are some tips to help in the thorough cleaning so that they would not raise discussions.

Wood door and window frames should be cleaned with plenty of soap and water. For particularly stubborn stains is advisable to add a cleaning agent for cleaning. Nevertheless, beware, stay away from harsh chemicals. Walls can be dusting with a dry cloth. However, the wallpaper damaged or contaminated, they must be replaced. The ceiling is to use a broom, wrapped with a soft cloth and then cobwebs have no chance. Ammonia-based cleaners are a great choice for window cleaning. They leave when used correctly no greasy film. Blinds should be cleaned with warm water and a detergent additive, and then they should be rinsed with clean water. Do not forget Fridge

In the kitchen, there is a lot to clean. Shelving must be wiped out, drawers cleaned, polished cabinet handles and knobs and trays and racks to be scrubbed to a shine. Remember: Just in time to empty the fridge, you must defrost it and clean it thoroughly after. Lime scale in the bathroom can be removed with a cleaning vinegar, as for the toilet in the new home for the cleaning, the handle to the disinfectant is essential.

Conspicuous spots in the carpet must be removed with a special shampoo or means, whereas sealed parquet is best treated only with warm soapy water. It should not be used too much liquid. Who does not like the long hours of cleaning, he can address to the cleaning company. It is worthwhile to seek different offers because the prices can vary widely.